Issue - decisions

23/11/2023 - Update on HS2 Announcements and Network North Funding

(1)     The recent Government announcements in relation to the cancellation of parts of HS2 as a national project and the reallocation of funding as specified in the Network North document published following the Prime Minister’s speech at the Conservative Party Conference in October 2023 was noted.


(2)     It was noted that programmes and projects utilising this funding would follow the existing governance routes and would come back to the WMCA Board for decisions over £20m and the Investment Board for decisions below that amount.


(3)     It was noted that an assessment of the economic impacts for the region associated with these changes was being commissioned to help inform any future investment programmes and refresh of existing business cases that were predicated on the arrival of the full HS2 scheme and which would be subject to a future report to the board.