Issue - decisions

13/10/2017 - West Midlands Common Approach to Cycling: Bikeshare

(1)       The adoption of a single bikeshare scheme across the WMCA constituent area be approved.


(2)       Transport for West Midlands be the lead organisation for a West Midlands Bikeshare scheme.


(3)       Any sponsorship for a bikeshare scheme be sourced by the supplier as long as the sponsor qualified as appropriate under WMCA policy.


(4)       A single bikeshare scheme that was zero cost to the WMCA be approved and the ability for the WMCA and the supplier to profit share, if the scheme made a profit, be approved.


(5)       The integration of the West Midlands Bikeshare scheme with Swift be approved.


(6)       The route to procurement recommended by the WMCA Procurement Team be approved.


(7)       It be agreed that the WMCA or associated local authorities would not enter into any agreement with a dockless bikeshare supplier.