Issue - decisions

18/03/2022 - The Marches Help to Own Project, Wolverhampton

(1)      The positive findings of a review undertaken by the WMCA into Help to Own, which provided strong evidence to support the case for a wider roll-out beyond the pilot project on policy grounds, consistent with the WMCA’s approach to housing and regeneration and the Housing & Land Delivery Board’s 2021/22 and 2022/23 deliverables was welcomed and endorsed.


(2)      It was noted that this was not an investment decision and any future funding would need to be subject to receipt of an appropriate application and appraisal via the WMCA’s Single Commissioning Framework.


(3)      The initial findings of a review of Help to Own was noted.


(4)      It was noted that monitoring the progress of Help to Own formed an important part of the Housing & Land Delivery Board’s remit in relation to affordable housing, housing and regeneration deliverables and delivery of the commitments made in the Housing Deal to driving innovation and supporting new housing products.


(5)      It was noted that the Help to Own product was an innovative approach to making home ownership more accessible for some, but was not the sole solution to addressing affordable housing need in the region, and that the WMCA would continue to work with local authorities to ensure the appropriate mix of affordable housing was brought forward and agreed on a site-by-site basis.