Issue - decisions

18/03/2022 - Metro - Power Supply Business Case for City Region Sustainable Transport Settlement

(1)      The requirement for the Line 1 Power Supply investment to enable the expansion of the West Midlands Metro network was noted and the full business case for the project was approved.


(2)      A total budget of £17.3m (including a City Region Sustainable Transport Settlement contribution of £12.6m) to deliver the power supply investment was approved, subject to:


·       The WMCA securing Government approval towards the regional City Region Sustainable Transport Settlement funding settlement together with appropriate terms and conditions, which was subject to a separate report to the meeting.


·       Confirmation thereafter that the project remained within the £17.3m budget for the scheme, when proposals were finalised.


·       Endorsement of the final business case by the Investment Board.


(3)      The intention to instruct the Midland Metro Alliance to deliver the scheme, being the preferred delivery partner, was noted.


(4)      It was noted that the full business case for the project would be considered by the Investment Board on 21 March 2022 which was required to fully address the assurance obligations of the investment, noting that any material matters arising from that review would be referred back to the WMCA Board in June 2022.


(5)      The Monitoring Officer and the Director of Finance were jointly authorised to agree for the WMCA to enter into any such contracts which might be reasonably required to allow for the project to be delivered.