Issue - decisions

18/03/2022 - Financial Monitoring 2021/22

(1)      The financial position as at 31 January 2022 was noted.


(2)      The latest 2021/22 forecast, and confirmation of the 2022/23 Adult Education Budget was noted.


(3)      The acceptance of the Social Housing Decarbonisation Funding and the budget for the project was approved.


(4)      It was noted that the arrangements for the 2022/23 successor of Integrated Transport Block and Highways Maintenance Grant were addressed within the City Region Sustainable Transport Settlement report to this meeting.


(5)      The relevant amendments to the Contractual Standing Orders within the WMCA constitution, enabling improvements to the efficiency and effectiveness of WMCA’s procurement activity were approved.


(6)      The WMCA Pay Policy was approved.


(7)      The WMCA 2022/23 Annual Business Plan was noted.