Issue - decisions

12/02/2021 - Regional Road Safety Progress

(1)      The progress made on managing road safety across the region, and the priorities agreed through the Regional Road Safety Strategic Partnership, were noted.


(2)      The range of activities delivered by partners across the West Midlands throughout 2019/20 to date totalling approximately £6m were noted.


(3)      It was noted that the reduction of Killed and Seriously Injured had reduced by 6% since the target was set and that, in absolute terms and taking population growth into account, this equated to a reduction of 8% overall.


(4)      The development of the Regional Road Safety Action Plan and the commitments by regional partners to deliver the measures during the period 2021- 2024 were noted.


(5)      It was noted that the Regional Strategic Road Safety Partnership would finalise the action plan for publication.