Issue - decisions

30/01/2019 - Assurance Report - Arm's Length Companies: Assurance & Governance Arrangements



(1)  The assurance arrangements that had been established to confirm the governance and assurance established for all WMCA’s arm’s length companies be noted as satisfactory.

(2)  It was noted that the WMCA Growth Company was an investment in which WMCA had a 5.3% stake and that Senior Leadership Team were currently reviewing the performance information from the Growth Company with a view to sharing the updated governance and assurance arrangement with committee.

(3)  It was noted that WMCA had secured a bid to host a pilot of testing 5G technology with discussions taking place with Department of Culture, Media and Sport to look at delivery options and potential operating structures. Once the company has been established committee would receive information on its assurance and governance arrangements. It was expected that the arrangements for these companies will be reviewed again within the next 12 months, with an appropriate review cycle to be confirmed with the Interim Director of Finance.

(4)   That the Monitoring Officer to provide committee with a briefing on the roles and responsibilities for each board / committee at a future committee.