Purpose of committee

Transport Delivery Overview and Scrutiny Committee

This committee is responsible to the West Midlands Combined Authority Board.

The Committee will have responsibility for:

1.     Monitoring and oversight of the performance of the transport capital programme delivery for projects being delivered under CRSTS and other funding allocations.  It will receive regular reports on the delivery outputs, programme timeline and critical path, risk management, finance and funding.  It will also receive monitoring and evaluation reports on the outcomes provided following completion in line with the business cases agreed by the Investment Board or the WMCA board.  This will include highway maintenance programmes which are now contained in CRSTS.


2.     Reviewing the development of the pipeline of the future investment schemes in transport capital delivery for entry into the delivery programme.


3.     Monitoring of the operational performance of the transport networks including bus, rail, tram, micro mobility and highway networks via reports prepared by TfWM including financial performance of the revenue activities.


4.     Holding to account the performance of operators against a set of targets in line with any agreements held by the WMCA.  Where no agreements are in place it will provide input and considerations to these operators to influence performance.


5.     Monitoring the implementation plan of the Local Transport plan in terms of outcomes delivered in line with the core objectives and big moves.


6.     Overseeing the customer satisfaction levels of the transport system and provide oversight to improvements in customer experience including digital customer products and services provided by TfWM.


7.     Reviewing and input into the regions road safety strategy and monitor the delivery plans of the regional road safety strategic partnership against a set of targets contained within the strategy.


8.     Reviewing and making recommendations to the WMCA Board in relation to a number of statutory functions including:

a)    securing the provision of appropriate subsided public passenger transport services under s9A (3) of the Transport Act 1968.

b)    the creation and development of:

·       ticketing Schemes under s135 - 138 of the Transport Act 2000.

·       concessionary Travel Schemes under s93 - 104 of the Transport Act 1985.

c)     what local bus information should be made available, and the way in which it should be made available, under s139 - 143 of the Transport Act 2000.

d)    the operation, performance, contract management and development of tendered bus services, bus stations/stops, and passenger transport services, under s10 (1) of the Transport Act 1968 and within the agreed WMCA budget.


9.     It will provide reports to the WMCA Board on a quarterly basis in relation to work undertake, recommendations made and overall summary of the delivery of capital and operational matters of TfWM and its partners.


10.  It will, when appropriate set up time limited task and finish groups to consider specific issues which for the basis of a report and set of recommendations back to the WMCA Board.




Contact information

Support officer: Janna Simpson. Governance Services Officer

Phone: 07769 301598

Email: Janna.Simpson@wmca.org.uk