Purpose of committee


Economic Growth Board - Terms of Reference

Revised July 2023





To provide strong, democratically accountable leadership to the strategic oversight of the region’s approach to driving green and inclusive economic growth.


To exercise the delegated authority provided to it by the Combined Authority Board on matters of inclusive economic growth.


The Board will have responsibility for overseeing the performance and evaluation of the region’s economic strategy, monitoring and managing processes as required.


Accountable to



WMCA Board



Accountable for

& Receiving Reports from:

Energy Capital Board

Create Central,

Plan for Growth Cluster leadership Groups;

Social Economy Advisory Board

Tourism and Visitor Economy Advisory Board; and

West Midlands Growth Company





There are currently 19 members of the board:


Voting Members:

  • Mayor (x1)
  • Portfolio Lead for Economy & Innovation (x1)
  • Nominees of the other Constituent Authorities (x6)


Non-Voting Members:

  • Representation of Non-Constituent Authorities (x1)
  • Portfolio Holder for Finance (x1)
  • Business Representatives from across the region x3
  • Representative of Midlands TUC (x1)
  • Representative of West Midlands Chambers of Commerce (x1)
  • Chair of West Midlands Growth Company (x1)
  • Chair of West Midlands Innovation Board (x1)
  • Representative of Higher Education sector (x1)


Each representative will be able to send a substitute to the meeting if required.


EGB may recommend adding to (or varying) the membership of the Board in order to better fulfil its functions in driving green and inclusive economic growth or to reflect organisational changes in the region or nationally. Voting rights would remain unaffected, unless the EGB made a separate recommendation to change these.





Portfolio Lead for Economy & Innovation


In the absence of the Chair, the board shall elect from amongst its voting members an Acting Chair until such time as the Chair becomes available again.


Vice Chair

Deputy Mayor


Voting - tbc


Only the voting members of the board will be entitled to vote at meetings. The Chair does not exercise a casting vote.


Any matters that are to be decided by the Board are to be decided by consensus of the Board where possible.


Where consensus is not possible the provisions of this section in the Constitution shall apply as follows:


-        Each Member of the Combined Authority Board is to have one vote and no Member including the Chair is to have a casting vote.


-        Any matter put to a vote will be decided on a show of hands. A decision will require a two thirds majority of voting members present and voting




No business shall be transacted unless representatives of four voting members are present at a meeting.




The board shall meet a minimum of four times a year, or more frequently as required.





The board will be serviced by the WMCA’s Governance Services team.






To exercise decision-making powers on behalf of the WMCA in the following areas:

  • well-being powers as set out in sections 99 and 102A of the Local Transport Act 2008 in order to promote economic growth and such powers can be exercised in conjunction with general powers granted to the Combined Authority by virtue of Section 113A of the Local Democracy Economic Development and Construction Act 2009 (as amended by the Localism Act 2011).
  • Development of a regional approach to inclusive and green economic growth policies and plans, including the development and delivery of regional economic strategies, policies and plans, to be agreed with CA Board where appropriate.
  • Delivery of a West Midlands Jobs Plan, ensuring local communities are linked to new jobs and opportunities.
  • Regional support to businesses, including the implementation of a new business support programme.
  • Regional innovation strategy and supporting programmes.
  • Ensure that economic strategy, and interventions flowing from it, are underpinned by a robust evidence base (including that derived from key sectors and places) which is reviewed and updated on a regular basis.
  • Ensure that businesses are encouraged & supported to transition to net zero
  • To consider and advise upon major policy change within the portfolio.
  • Provide leadership in developing an approach to future devolution of powers from Government to the region on matters of economic growth
  • Receive updates on the investment programme as it relates to the economic portfolio and also from other Boards which support the economic agenda, for example Employment and Skills, Environment, Inclusion, as appropriate.
  • To have oversight of the impact made by the West Midlands Growth Company (WMGC).
  • Report progress to the WMCA Board.


Support the Economy & Innovation Portfolio Holder by:

·       Providing advice and support to WMCA activity

·       Helping engage with wider stakeholder networks and activity.

·       Identify and scale up existing good practice within the WMCA area.

·       Identify and secure resources to deliver new opportunities.






Annually in June.




Contact information

Support officer: Tanya Patel, Governance Services Officer.

Phone: 07825 356685

Email: Tanya.Patel@wmca.org.uk