Agenda and minutes

Venue: Room 116, 16 Summer Lane, Birmingham B19 3SD

Contact: Wendy Slater 

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Apologies for Absence

Presented By: Chair


Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Caan, Grinsell and Partridge and Sarah Norman, Guy Daly and Gary Taylor.


Chair's Remarks


(i)            Appointment of Vice-Chair

The Chair nominated Councillor Hamilton to the position of Vice-Chair to broaden and strengthen the work of the board. Councillor Caborn seconded the appointment and this was endorsed by the board.


Resolved: That Councillor Hamilton be appointed to the position of Vice-Chair for 2018/19.


(ii)          Thrive Mental Health Awards

The Chair reminded the board of the Mental Health Commission Star Awards ceremony on 31 January 2019 at West Bromwich Albion football ground to celebrate West Midlands ‘Mental Health Stars’


(iii)         Financial Times Feature on Thrive

The Chair advised the board that she was very pleased to report that Sean Russell and some of the Thrive programmes had been included in a health and wellbeing spread in the Financial Times recently; a link to the feature would be circulated to the board.


(iv)         Go Green on Monday 21 January for ‘This is Me’ Campaign

Sean Russell advised the board that 21 January was officially the most depressing day of the year (Blue Monday) and this year, to raise awareness of ‘This is Me’ mental health campaign, public buildings such as Birmingham Library and New Street Station would be turning green. He asked that colleagues wear something green on 21 January to lend their support for the campaign.


(v)          Ways of Working

The Chair reported that workshop sessions would be arranged between meetings to consider the direction of travel for the board. This would include looking at improving links between this board and local authority health and wellbeing boards and STPs.


The Chair added that also she wanted members to take on a portfolio lead role for specific work areas they had an interest in and referred to Councillor Caan championing physical activity and Councillor Hamilton taking forward the child obesity agenda. It was noted that portfolio leads/sponsors would be sought as part of reports being considered further on the agenda.


Minutes of the last meeting pdf icon PDF 140 KB

Presented By: Chair


The minutes of the meeting held on 31 October 2018 were agreed as a correct record.


NHS Long- Term Plan pdf icon PDF 381 KB

Presented By: NHS


Alison Tonge, gave a presentation to the board on Integrated Care Systems and delivering the NHS Long-Term Plan.


The presentation provided an overview of Integrated Care Systems (ICSs), changes that would support the development of system working, population health and prevention and the next steps for ICS/STP systems.


Alison Tonge introduced Michelle Kane who was in attendance from the National Team - System Transformation to respond to any queries/questions.


The board considered that whilst the Long-Term Plan represented a positive opportunity, concern was expressed that the plan did not include reference to local government, adult social care, nor focus on prevention and the wider determinants of health.


However, it was recognised there were synergies between the Long-Term Plan and this board and there was need for all partners to work together to deliver the best possible outcomes.


The Chair thanked Alison Tonge for her presentation.


Resolved: That the presentation be noted.  



Population Intelligence Hub and 2019/20 Work Plan pdf icon PDF 169 KB

Presented By: Stella Botchway


Stella Botchway presented a report that set out a proposed work plan for the financial year 2019/20, to be led by the Population Intelligence Hub and delivered by partners across the West Midlands.


It was noted that the Population Intelligence Hub is a virtual intelligence hub established by PHE in collaboration with WMCA and is a resource for the whole of the West Midlands and a focal point for place based intelligence outcomes.


The report outlined the completed projects during 2017-18, ongoing activities, summarised the proposed projects for 2018-19 along with the delivery arrangements and sought a sponsor to the support the development and implementation of this work.


The board supported and endorsed the proposed work plan.


In relation to agreeing a sponsor for the work plan, the Chair reported that she had Councillor Grinsell in mind for this role as she had expressed an interest in this work area and undertook to contact her in this regard.


Stella Botchway also informed the board of the Department for Education’s healthy schools funding programme that would provide disadvantaged children with free meals and activities during school holidays. Stella Botchway advised that the bidding process would close on 7 February and asked that colleagues interested in submitting a collaborative bid to contact her on the matter.  


Sean Russell added that further details of the funding programme would be emailed to board members and the relevant Directors of Public Health would be copied into the email.




(1)  That the proposed Population Health Intelligence Hub projects for the Wellbeing  Board work programme be supported and endorsed and


(2)  That Councillor Grinsell be nominated as the sponsor from the board to support the development and implementation of this work plan be agreed subject to the Implementation Director Wellbeing confirming this proposal with Councillor Grinsell.




Thrive Update pdf icon PDF 168 KB

Presented By: Sean Russell


The Implementation Director Wellbeing, Sean Russell, presented a report that provided an update on progress in implementing the commitments made through the Thrive Programmes.


The report outlined progress with regards to Thrive into Work – Individual Placement Support (IPS) trial, Thrive at Work, mental health and justice and mental health awareness.


In relation to the Thrive into Work trial that had helped 100 people get back into paid employment by Christmas time, the Chair commended the team on this fantastic achievement.


The Implementation Director Wellbeing conveyed his thanks to PHE in assisting in delivering training to almost 26,000 people in the West Midlands on mental health first aid training.


Resolved: That the update on the implementation of Thrive be noted.





West Midlands On the Move Progress & 2019/20 Priorities pdf icon PDF 117 KB

Presented By: Simon Hall


The board considered a report of the Physical Activity Policy and Delivery Lead, Simon Hall that provided an overview of the progress in delivering the ‘West Midlands On the Move’ including the emerging work on the Birmingham Commonwealth Games benefits programme.


In relation to the planned presentation of the Commonwealth Games benefits programme to the next meeting, the Chair asked that Simon Hall invite Commonwealth Games Officers to attend for the discussion.




(1)  That progress in the delivery of ‘West Midlands on the Move’ be noted and


(2)  That a report on the Birmingham Commonwealth Games and proposed benefits programme be submitted to the next board meeting be agreed.




Healthy and Inclusive new places to Live- embedding wellbeing within the WMCA role in new housing delivery pdf icon PDF 142 KB

Presented By: Deborah Harkins, PHE


The board considered a report of the Implementation Director Wellbeing that outlined progress on work to develop strategic health and wellbeing principles to embed within the WMCA’s approach and role in the delivery of new housing and the next steps that would be undertaken.


The board received a presentation from John Berry, PHE, on the developing strategic health and wellbeing principles. It was noted that further progress updates would be submitted to future meetings of the board.


Resolved: That progress to date in developing the wellbeing input to the WMCA’s enabling role in the delivery of significant new housing be noted.






Youth Justice/Childhood Adversity; ALTAR pdf icon PDF 152 KB

Presented By: Sean Russell


The board considered a report of the Implementation Director- Public Service Reform and Inclusive Growth that updated the board on the ongoing research into childhood adversity and the ALTAR framework (Abuse, Loss, Trauma, Attachment and Resilience) and emerging findings from the research.


In relation to an enquiry from Councillor Malcolm as to whether research has been undertaken with regards to dyslexia, Sean Russell undertook to look into this.


Sue Ibbotson noted that adverse childhood experiences were not always connected to ALTAR™ and reported of the need to give consideration to the narrative for childhood adversity.


Rachel O’Connor reported of the need to support early interventions.


In relation to a member lead within the Wellbeing Board to support the wider link to local authority health and wellbeing boards, Councillor Malcolm undertook to take forward this role.




(1)   That progress in the reform of the youth justice system in the West Midlands be noted ;


(2)  That Councillor Malcolm be appointed as the member lead of the Wellbeing Board to support the wider link to local wellbeing boards and


(3)  That a further report be submitted to the next meeting prior to the publication of the final results.


Date of next meeting - 5 April 2019