Agenda and minutes

Venue: Room 116, 16 Summer Lane, Birmingham B19 3SD

Contact: Wendy Slater 

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Apologies for Absence

Presented By: Chair


Apologies for absence were received from Councillor Partridge, Andy Hardy, Helen Hibbs, Sarah Norman, Gary Taylor and Alison Tonge.


Nomination of Substitutes


The following substitutes had been received:


Alastair McIntyre for Helen Hibbs (STP Systems Leader NHS –Black Country and West Birmingham) and Jason Campbell for Gary Taylor (West Midlands Fire Service).


Chair's Remarks (if any)

Presented By: Chair


(i)            WMCA Overview and Scrutiny Committee

The Chair reported that she would be attending the WMCA’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee meeting on 12 April to provide an update on the Wellbeing Portfolio.


(ii)         This Is Me Campaign’

The Chair reported the mental health campaign,’ This is Me’ was supported by over 200 businesses on 21 January 2019 which was really pleasing.


Minutes of the last meeting pdf icon PDF 149 KB

Presented By: Chair


The minutes of the meeting held on 18 January 2019 were agreed as a correct record.


Matters Arising

Presented By: Chair


Minute number 26, Population Intelligence Hub and 2019/20 Work Plan


Sean Russell undertook to speak to Councillor Grinsell regarding her role as sponsor of the Work Plan following the meeting.


Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022 and Benefits Programme

Presented By: Simon Hall & Cat Orchard (BCC)


Simon Hall, Physical Activity Policy and Delivery Lead, WMCA and Cat Orchard, Head of Policy and Legacy- Commonwealth Games, Birmingham City Council, gave a presentation to the board on the Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022 and Benefits Programme.


The presentation included the sporting programme, venues, transport, the mission - ‘Games for Everyone’ and the benefit workstreams.


The board considered the Commonwealth Games presented a great opportunity to be an inclusive games for everyone and to build a lasting legacy for communities and to promote physical activity and a healthy lifestyle especially to young people.


The Chair thanked Cat Orchard and Simon Hall for their informative presentation.


Resolved: That the presentation be noted.





Update Coventry and Warwickshire Year of Wellbeing

Presented By: Cllr Les Caborn/Cllr Kamran Caan


Councillor Caborn and Councillor Caan provided an update on the Coventry and Warwickshire Year of Wellbeing, supported by Jane Coates, Coventry and Warwickshire Year of Wellbeing Delivery Manager.


It was noted that the Year of Wellbeing Being, initiated by the Place Forum (the Health and Wellbeing Boards of Coventry and Warwickshire when working together) runs from January to December 2019 and represents the public delivery phase of the 5 year Better Health, Better Care, Better Value, ‘Proactive and Preventive’ workstream.


The workstream aims to make prevention the first chapter of health, social care and wellbeing strategies, policies and plans going forward. Three areas of common focus selected for the year were: childhood obesity performance; impact of loneliness and social isolation on health and wellbeing and sickness absence and presenteeism as a barrier to economic growth.  


A paper outlining the activity undertaken so far in 2019 and planned next steps and exit strategy was circulated to the board prior to the meeting.


The Chair considered this was a great collaboration between all partners and hoped that partnership working would continue beyond the end of the year and a lasting legacy would be achieved.


Resolved: That the Update on the Coventry and Warwickshire Year of Wellbeing be noted.




Sports and Physical Activity pdf icon PDF 148 KB

·         West Midlands On The Move

·         Disability

·         Walking & Cycling Offer

Presented By: Simon Hall/Mark Fosbrook/Claire Williams


Councillor Caan, Physical Activity Champion, introduced the report ‘West Midlands on the Move Delivery and Impact’ that summarised progress in delivering priorities to get more people active.


Simon Hall provided an update on West Midlands on the Move actions being taken forward along with Mark Fosbrook who provided an update with regards to disability and Claire Williams who updated the board on the cycling and walking offer.


In relation to the report recommendations, the Chair asked to be advised of the timescales for reporting back to the board as appropriate.





(1)  That the joint Transport for the West Midlands and West Midlands on the Move Group work to develop an offer to get more people walking and cycling (details to be submitted to a future meeting for approval) be endorsed;


(2)  That work proposed in the report to strengthen the physical activity governance with Cllr Caan chairing a Cabinet Members for Wellbeing and Active Partnership Steering Group, to ensure there is improved flow  of information from the West Midlands Implementation Group to the Wellbeing Board be approved;


(3)  That a refresh of the West Midlands on the Move Strategic Framework, setting out priorities over the next 3 years be reported to the Wellbeing Board by autumn 2019 be approved;


(4)  That reports be submitted to the board on the work priorities set out in the report, including the important role that the Wellbeing Board should play in evaluating impact and learning be agreed;


(5)  That the ‘Include Me West Midlands’ launch dates on 10 and 11 May and the adapted sports programme dementia trial launch on 24 May 2019 be noted and


(6)  That continued support for the roll-out of social movements such as GoodGym and support for the BBC WM’ Let’s Get Moving, ‘Midday Mile’ campaign be endorsed.



Progress on wellbeing input into new housing delivery

Presented By: John Berry (PHE)


Sean Russell, Implementation Director Wellbeing, provided an update on progress on the Wellbeing input into new housing delivery.


It was noted that the regional design guidelines have been agreed and adopted and a workshop was scheduled to be held on 11 April followed by a development event in May that would look at the whole place design framework; this would include green space design and housing infrastructure.


The Implementation Director Wellbeing reported that further updates would be brought back to the board in due course.


Resolved : That the update on progress be noted.


Wellbeing Activity Plan pdf icon PDF 527 KB

Presented By: Sean Russell


Sean Russell, Implementation Director Wellbeing presented an Activity Plan, a proposed framework and plan of action to deliver the stated priorities of the WMCA Wellbeing Board.


It was noted that the Wellbeing Activity Plan had been developed in partnership with Public Health England and with input from stakeholders of the wider West Midlands.


The plan outlined the key activities under three core areas of environment and infrastructure, cross-sector convening and community resilience and set out the work programmes scheduled over a three year period from 2019-2021.


The plan identified the need for partners to work together on an implementation plan to clarify and agree defined contributions from the respective organisations and set out the possible options for resources and partnership.


The board endorsed the Activity Plan and the Chair added that she would like to see the timescales and outcomes for the work programmes included in the plan.




(1)  That the Work Plan for WMCA Wellbeing Board until 2021 be adopted;


(2)  That an implementation programme for the adopted work plan be developed;


(3)  That a dedicated stream of work to generate capacity be undertaken and


(4)  That the Childhood Obesity Action Plan be utilised as a pilot approach to working with and across the health and wellbeing system.




Thrive Update pdf icon PDF 156 KB

·         Community Sentence Treatment Requirements

·         Thrive Into Work (verbal report)

·         Thrive At Work (verbal report)

Presented By: Sean Russell


Sean Russell, Implementation Director Wellbeing, outlined a report that provided an update on the implementation of the Thrive programme to increase the use of Mental Health Treatment Requirements as a sentencing option at the courts in Birmingham and the alignment of this work with the national Community Sentence Requirements test bed pilot programme.


The report set out the background to the programme and outlined key developments for phase 2 of the pilot.


Resolved: That progress in implementation of the commitment to help implement a programme to increase the number of Mental health Treatment Requirements and alignment with the national Community Sentence Treatment Requirement programme in the Birmingham and Solihull test bed pilot be noted.


Presentation : Childhood Obesity Action Plan pdf icon PDF 2 MB

Presented By: Sean Russell


The board received a presentation from the Implementation Director Wellbeing, Sean Russell, on behalf of Stella Botchway that set out an action plan for reducing childhood obesity in the West Midlands.


Councillor Hamilton, WMCA Wellbeing Board sponsor for childhood obesity introduced the presentation and reported that she was very pleased to be leading the work in this area and was excited about what is to come.


The presentation set out the draft Obesity Action Plan which included the context of childhood obesity in the West Midlands, a systems approach, the UK Government Childhood Obesity Action Plan and its links to the WMCA Wellbeing Activity, the short-term, medium-term and long-term goals, how success would be measured and the next steps.


The Implementation Director Wellbeing, reported that the draft Obesity Action Plan had been reviewed by the WMCA’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee’s Wellbeing Working Group in early March and highlighted its six recommendations.


The board supported the areas of consideration put forward by the Overview and Scrutiny Committee.


The Chair thanked Councillor Cathy Bayton, Wellbeing Lead for Overview and Scrutiny Committee for the committee’s contributions to this work area.


Resolved: That the draft Obesity Action Plan be endorsed.