Venue: This meeting will be held virtually via Microsoft Teams

Contact: Tanya Patel, Governance Services Officer 

No. Item

The members of Overview & Scrutiny Committee will question the Mayor, in public, as part of its role of holding him to account. Questions put to the Mayor by the members will be based on budget performance during 2020/21, proposals for the 2021/22 budget and other strategic finance issues.


Welcome & Introductions

Presented By: Chair


Apologies for Absence

Presented By: Chair


Declarations of Interests

Members are reminded of the need to declare any disclosable pecuniary interests they have in an item being discussed during the course of the meeting. In addition, the receipt of any gift or hospitality should be declared where the value of it was thought to have exceeded £25 (gifts) or £40 (hospitality).

Presented By: Chair


The Mayor's Opening Statement

Presented By: Andy Street


Question to the Mayor

Presented By: Overview & Scrutiny Committee Members


Questions to the Mayor from Members of the Transport Scrutiny Sub-Committee

Presented By: Transport Scrutiny Sub-Committee Members


Closing comments from the Mayor and Chair

Presented By: Andy Street / Chair

At the conclusion of the Q&A session, members will be asked to consider which (if any) further questions or other items they would like to draw to the attention of the WMCA Board when it meets on 15 January 2021.