Agenda and minutes

Venue: Room 116, 16 Summer Lane, Birmingham B19 3SD

Contact: Wendy Slater, Senior Governance Services Officer 

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Apologies for absence

Presented By: Chair


Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Allcock, Andrew and Jones.


Chair's Remarks

Presented By: Chair


(i)            Welcome

The Chair welcomed Councillor Lees to the meeting who was attending as an observer from the WMCA’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee (Governance Working Group) and advised the committee that a second member of the working group, Councillor Chalk, was also welcome to attend future meetings.


The Chair also welcomed back to the committee, Councillor Hanif following a change in political leadership in Dudley but added that she was sad Councillor Stanley was no longer a member of TDC. The Chair and Councillor Huxtable thanked Councillor Stanley for his service to the committee and in particular, the Chair noted Councillor Stanley’s contribution to the Putting Passenger First Lead Member Reference Group.


(ii)          Awards

The Chair reported that unfortunately, TfWM was not successful at the National Transport Awards this year, however, TfWM/ the WMCA had been nominated in four categories and TfWM has jointly been nominated for a best diversity resource award at the Inclusive Companies’ Award to be announced on 15 November 2018.


(iii)         TDC Member Visits

The Chair outlined the forthcoming member visits that have been scheduled for November and December:

-       Dudley Network Tour on 12 November 2018;

-       University Station/Perry Barr Station on 27 November 2018 and

-       Metro Depot Visit on 10 December 2018


(iv)         Budget 2018 – key headlines

The Chair advised the board of the recent budget announcement with regards to the award of funding to the WMCA, which included a £20m grant to be awarded 2019/20 and 2020/21 in respect of the existing and unique 5G programme, an additional £71.5m to the Transforming Cities Fund Extension and the potential to receive circa £7.6m in 2018/19 for the repair of local roads and the maintenance of bridges.



(v)          WMCA Overview and Scrutiny CommitteeGovernance Working Group

The Chair reported that in relation to the WMCA’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee reviewing an area of TfWM activity, the Labour Group were keen for the working group to look at capital project delivery, with a focus on Metro. Councillor Huxtable, Minority Vice-Chair, reported that the Conservative Groupsupported this proposal.


Minutes of the last meeting pdf icon PDF 153 KB

Presented By: Chair


The minutes of the meeting held on 10 September 2018 were agreed as a correct record.


Matters Arising

Presented By: Chair


Metro Investment Programme (Minute no.23 refers)

Further to the response given to Councillor Stanley’s enquiry regarding an update on how Metro would connect with Dudley Port Rail Station and the work being undertaken with Network Rail, Midland Metro Alliance and stakeholders, Councillor Huxtable enquired when the committee could expect to receive an update on the matter.


The Director of Development and Delivery, Sandeep Shingadia, reported that he would contact the Rail Sponsor for a date to report on this matter to the committee.




Correspondence/ Petitions

Presented By: Chair


None submitted.


Financial Monitoring Report pdf icon PDF 241 KB

Presented By: Linda Horne


The committee considered a report of the Head of Finance and Business Planning that set out the financial position as at the end of September 2018 related to the Combined Authority’s Transport Delivery Revenue and Capital Budgets.


Councillor Akhtar, Lead Member for Finance and Performance, outlined the report recommendations and advised the committee of a typographical error in section 2.2 of the report regarding bus services which should read a projected adverse full year forecast of £1.448m, not favourable. The Lead Accountant (Transport) Wayne Farrington, explained the reasons for the adverse forecast and other revenue expenditure headline variances and reported that the revenue expenditure table in the report contained the correct information. The Lead Accountant (Transport) continued to present the headlines for the remainder of the report covering the capital expenditure and treasury management sections.


In relation to an enquiry from Councillor Huxtable regarding Metro Birmingham Eastside and the need to know more about the work undertaken with respect to the design options for Delta Junction at Bull Street, in particular whether the WMCA has obtained agreement in principle, the Managing Director, Laura Shoaf, reported a financial decision has not yet been taken on the junction as the Midland Metro Alliance (MMA) was currently reviewing the work undertaken by Balfour Beatty and offered to provide a Councillor Huxtable with a briefing note on the matter.


Councillor Horton, Lead Member for Rail and Metro, proposed that the matter be raised at a future Rail and Metro Lead Member Reference Group meeting as this would ensure Councillor Huxtable received a more detailed response.


Councillor Alden expressed concerns that current underspends on schemes could lead to cost increases in the future and enquired as to the number of fixed price contracts that were in place and whether delays to schemes could be attributed to the work being undertaken in respect of Paradise Circus.


The Managing Director, advised that there were different delivery arrangements in place for the various schemes and reported that whilst the Midland Metro Alliance would deliver Metro schemes, they would not deliver Sprint schemes and she could supply further information for Councillor Alden if required. In relation to works being carried out for Paradise Circus, the Managing Director reported that these had not impacted on the final delivery date for the Metro Extension to Centenary Square and Edgbaston.


In relation to Wednesbury to Brierley Hill Metro Extension and an enquiry from Councillor Hanif as to whether the rescheduling of survey work would delay the delivery of the scheme, the Managing Director reported that the transfer of the corridor from Network Rail to the WMCA had recently been agreed and this would not delay the scheme.


In relation to an enquiry from Councillor Richards regarding further information on ‘emerging cost pressures relating to various TfWM activities’, referred to in paragraph 2.3 of the report, the Lead Accountant (Transport) advised that detailed work was currently ongoing as part of the review of forecast expenditure taking place during November and information from the  ...  view the full minutes text for item 37.


Capital Programme Delivery Monitoring Report pdf icon PDF 198 KB

Presented By: Sandeep Shingadia


The committee considered a report of the Director of Development and Delivery, that provided an update on the approved TfWM led 2018/19 programme and projects.


Sandeep Shingadia, the Director of Development and Delivery, reported on the achievements with regards to elements of the 2018/19 Capital Programme that had been completed during September and October 2018 and reported that there were no variations to the baseline programme during the period.


Councillor Huxtable noted that the forecast date for University Station was given as June 2022 in the report and considered the timescales for the station opening in time for the Commonwealth Games seemed very tight.


The Director of Development and Delivery reported that June 2022 related to

the Network Rail close down date of the project and not when the station opens. He undertook to ensure the date was reconciled in future reports.


In relation to an enquiry from Councillor Davis regarding the public realm for Snow Hill Third Access, the Director of Development and Delivery reported that this project was being led by the Colmore Business Improvement District with the Greater Birmingham and Solihull LEP who were looking at the synergy around Snow Hill and improving the environment.


In relation to a request from Councillor Ditta for an update on Walsall Town Centre Interchange Feasibility Study, the Director of Development and Delivery reported that study was currently on hold as TfWM was awaiting the outcome from Walsall MBC on their town centre masterplan work.




1.    That the achievements since the September 2018 meeting of the Transport Delivery Committee be noted;


2.    That the progress of deliverables under the 2018/19 Capital Programme be noted and


3.    That there are no variations from the baseline programme be noted.



Rail Business Report pdf icon PDF 3 MB

Presented By: Tom Painter


The committee considered a report of the Head of Rail Franchising and Partnerships that provided an update relating to the performance, operation and delivery of rail services in the West Midlands including rail operator partnership agreements and West Midlands Rail Executive activity.


The Head of Rail Franchising and Partnerships, Tom Painter, outlined the key highlights in the report and also referred to the update given earlier in the day

by West Midlands Trains at the pre-TDC policy briefing session.


In relation to a comment from Councillor Lal that rail passengers are still experiencing problems with overcrowding and reliability and his question as to when customers could expect to see an improvement, the Head of Rail Franchising and Partnerships reported that West Midlands Trains has put in place 70 action plans focusing on areas for improvement and that under the terms of the franchise would be required to make payments in the event that poor performance continued. With regards to poor performance, the Head of Rail Franchising and Partnerships explained that the causes were varied and whilst some aspects of poor performance could be attributed to the train company, other factors such as the infrastructure i.e., track condition and signalling, were outside of its control. He advised that new rolling stock to create extra capacity had been ordered but the lead time of 18 months to 2 years would mean the majority of new trains would not arrive before 2020-21 although an additional 8 trains from London would be utilised on services for Snow Hill and Kenilworth stations.


Councillor Davis considered that the current system was almost in a state of collapse and he hoped the partnership between West Midlands Rail Executive, train companies and central government would tackle the issues to get the best deal for passengers and congratulated officers for their on-going work.


Councillor Horton, Lead Member for Rail and Metro conveyed his thanks to the Head of Rail Franchising and partnerships and colleagues for reporting into the Rail and Metro Lead Member Reference Group that was working well.


Resolved: That the contents of the report be noted.


Bus Business Update pdf icon PDF 181 KB

Presented By: Edmund Salt


The committee considered a report from the Network Development Manager that provided an update relating to the performance, operation and delivery of bus services in the West Midlands and the vision for bus in the West Midlands.


The Network Development Manager, Edmund Salt, highlighted key areas of activity during the last six months which included the first partnership routes between Diamond and National Express on services 42/43 and 31/32 and changes to bus service registrations.


The Head of Network Delivery, Jon Hayes, also took the opportunity to outline customer feedback on the changes to bus services in Birmingham following a request from Councillor Huxtable.


In relation to the recent changes to bus services in Dudley and Sandwell, Councillor Horton asked if he could receive general feedback from councillors and members of the public and asked for Councillors Hanif and Jones to be provided with the same information.


The Head of Network Delivery undertook to provide councillor and customer feedback on the changes to services in Dudley and Sandwell to Councillors Horton, Hanif and Jones.


In relation to Network Resilience and HS2, Councillor Richards expressed concern that HS2 enabling works could cause disruption for bus passengers from North Solihull and East Birmingham trying to access the city centre.


Councillor Linnecor added that he also had concerns regarding the closure of Saltley Viaduct and the impact for bus users.


The Head of Network Delivery reported that TfWM was working in partnership with Birmingham City Council and National Express to try and mitigate any impact on bus services; this was likely to include bus priority measures. He added that there would be a wider resilience strategy, working with local authorities that would promote public transport.




(1)  That the contents of the report be noted;


(2)  That the review being undertaken by TfWM on how it considers and

processes bus registrations be noted and


(3)  That the Vision for Bus in the West Midlands be approved.




















Presentation: Vision for Bus

Presented By: Pete Bond


The committee received a presentation from the Director of Integrated Network Services on the strategic Vision for Bus that was outlined in the Bus Business Update report.


The presentation highlighted the background to the vision for bus, changing behaviour and future trends, the importance of bus, recent interventions, challenges to bus, new opportunities available to the WMCA/TfWM, messages from West Midlands Leaders, the Strategic Vision for Bus, the Vision Objectives and the next steps.


Councillor Huxtable noted that there was very little park and ride provision for bus services, commenting that it worked well in other major towns and enquired as to whether there was a vision for bus park and ride in the West Midlands.


The Director of integrated Transport Services, Pete Bond, reported that park and ride would form a pivotal role for Sprint services which would have dedicated highway space. He added that with regards to park and ride for bus services, journey time predictions were currently limited but if these improved, there could be an opportunity in the future to look at taking this forward.


Councillor Alden reported that the presentation did not include reference to technology that has recently been developed whereby buses can clean the air, adding that the same technology was available for bus stops which could have a huge impact for the West Midlands. He advised that pilots are underway in London and Southampton and enquired whether the new technology could be considered for the Vision for Bus.


The Director of Integrated Transport Services reported that he supported looking into the use of new technology including investigating bus infrastructure as well as vehicles and thanked Councillor Alden for his comments.


Resolved: That the presentation be noted.



Notices of Motion

To consider any notices of motion by the deadline of 12 noon on 1 November  2018.


None submitted.



To consider any questions submitted by the deadline of 12 noon on 1 November 2018 for written questions and 12 noon on 2 November 2018 for oral questions.


None submitted.


WMCA Board Transport Reports

Presented By: Laura Shoaf


The committee received two reports that would be considered by the WMCA Board on 9 November 2018; these were Transforming Cities Fund and Strategic Vision for Bus.


The reports were submitted for information only.


Resolved : That the reports be noted.


Forward Plan pdf icon PDF 84 KB

Presented By: Chair


The committee considered a report on the agenda items to be submitted to future meetings.


Resolved : That the report be noted.


Date of Next Meeting -7 January 2019 at 1.00pm